New York enacts cybersecurity regulations. More states to follow.


23 NYCRR Part 500 is law Companies doing business in New York may no longer have a choice; New York legislation “23 NYCRR Part 500” is now law and requirements for minimum cybersecurity practices must be in place. Just this week, the grace period for the transition has ended and, as of February 15, 2018, covered entities are required to … Read More

Get HIPAA Compliant – The Soft and Hard Sides of HIPAA

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If your company or organization creates, stores, accesses, or shares electronic personal health information (ePHI), you are required to comply with HIPAA regulations. If you assist these companies as a business associate, you are also required to be HIPAA compliant. The Soft & Hard Sides of HIPAA HIPAA compliance has two complimenting, yet different sides: The soft and the hard. … Read More