About Us

Based in Colorado, Rigid Bits provides cyber security services to businesses of all sizes. Our goal is to deliver high-impact, cost-effective solutions as a trusted security adviser while helping our clients grow effectively with a strengthened security posture. Our team of experts have years of experience in cyber security consulting, having supported and improved the security postures for a wide range of businesses, across all industries. Our real-world approach combines information security best practices, human intelligence, and our vast experience to ensure your business is secured against the ever-evolving threat of a security breach or data theft.

Building a relationship

Rigid Bits was built by cyber security professionals with specialized talent and diverse experience. Our goal is simple: to find success through building strong relationships with our clients. By establishing and improving foundation-level information security requirements and enhancing a company’s security program through advanced technical testing, we stay actively engaged with our clients and maintain consistent communication and interaction. This allows for a deep understanding of our client’s unique needs and allows us to tailor services specific to the organization, becoming your trusted security adviser.

Meeting your immediate needs

Sometimes a single solution is necessary. Our capabilities assist clients who need quick and precise action. Rigid Bits has experience in performing validation for audit and compliance requirements, responding to incidents, collecting and analyzing evidence, and providing solutions for specialized information security scenarios.

Our service offerings cover a range of needs from basic audits to advanced technical testing, such as Penetration Testing and Forensics.

Certifications and Associations

All Rigid Bits staff maintain industry recognized certifications from SANS and Offensive Security and constantly pursue cutting edge training. Our company is committed to supporting the information security community by being involved in industry events and organizations.

Rigid Bits and its staff are proud members of the following associations: