When the F.U.D. is wrong…

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Cybersecurity FUD is everywhere and sometimes it helps drive home a point. Other times, it’s just down right wrong. Replace a FUD based approach with a Risk based approach to enhance your cybersecurity.

The Cybersecurity Starter Pack

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The Cybersecurity Starter Pack is here! Rigid Bits is excited to introduce our newest solution: The Cybersecurity Starter Pack. A simplified package of documentation and exercises necessary for establishing and maintaining a written information security program. Who: The pack is perfect for companies ~25 employees who need to document a written information security program. What: The pack includes 3 key … Read More

Cybersecurity Misconceptions Abound

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Cybersecurity misconceptions are everywhere, have you spotted some? What can you do about cybersecurity misconceptions that keep showing up? Over the last few months, we’ve been on the road holding and listening to a lot of conversations about cybersecurity. It’s really fascinating because you really can drop each one into a specific category. Some of the ones we’re really happy … Read More

Rigid Bits Educates Conference Attendees

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Rigid Bits Presented at the Trusted Choice Agents of Colorado 2019 Convention this week. We covered topics that can help a business start a new cybersecurity program. If you’re facing compliance regulations or 3rd party vendor requests to confirm your cybersecurity program, where do you start? Rigid Bits presented our 30-day action plan and talked about utilizing a risk-based approach … Read More

HIPAA Compliance Webinar – 06/26/19 – 2PM EDT

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Rigid Bits is excited to announce we’ll be co-hosting a free HIPAA information webinar with our partners over at The Compliance Group. Did you know there are 7 key foundational areas that a HIPAA audit will cover? If you process, store, collect, or work as a business associate with companies handling ePHI, your organization may be federally required to meet … Read More

Guidance For Approaching Data Security Regulations

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Every day at Rigid Bits, we are working to help businesses understand cybersecurity. As part of those education efforts, we’ve spent some time thinking about how companies required to abide by data security laws can best approach meeting requirements. Data Security Simplified We’ve developed a quick, 2-page guide, to understand the approach of compliance. The guide is intended to give … Read More

Resilience: Enduring the Cyber Attack

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Resilience is Key to Continuity Operations At Rigid Bits, we are constantly working to stay ahead of cybersecurity trends. Recently, we’ve been breaking down information for how our clients can approach understanding data security laws and how to meet their requirements. These activities have forced us to take a closer look at cybersecurity frameworks. Within the NIST cybersecurity framework, an … Read More

GDRP Requirements Help Companies Reduce the Impact of Data Breaches

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One of the first steps a company can take when addressing their cybersecurity concerns is to select a framework for the foundation of their cybersecurity program. Sometimes organizations chose to conduct appropriate due diligence to address cybersecurity and select their own frameworks. Other times, organizations are mandated by compliance laws and regulations. Companies who are mandated to follow GDPR may … Read More