coreSecurity: The Top 5 Security Concepts Every Business Should Consider

With the turn of the new year, many people and businesses will reflect on their accomplishments over the past 12 months and develop new goals to progress towards for the coming year. During this time of reflection, it’s important to remember what you have built and how you will move forward to protect the fruits of your labor. As an IT security company, we encourage you to make protecting yourself and your data a top priority in 2018.

Recent studies show that almost two-thirds of all small and medium-sized businesses have been the target of a cyber-attack. Yet, over the past decade, we have seen time and again businesses downplay the importance of IT security.

There are several reasons why businesses neglect IT security:

  1. Uncertainty and knowledge gaps. It is difficult to understand what your unique IT security needs are, let alone how to implement best practices, if you have no experience. Without a trusted advisor IT security can easily be overlooked.
  2. Unwillingness to allocate resources. It’s easy to assume IT security is a non-critical business function until a data breach occurs.
  3. Difficulty and cost associated with hiring IT security staff. The industry is expected to have a 0% unemployment rate due to the high demand for talent. Hiring staff requires resources, time, and money as well as significant overhead.

These challenges cannot stop businesses anymore. New regulations and laws are constantly being passed to punish and fine businesses who do not protect their customer’s data and who do not practice due diligence when it comes to IT security. It’s critical to develop a security program and continually assess, improve, and grow as your company grows.

With a focus on the top five IT security principles, our coreSecurity service helps develop IT security programs for businesses, no matter the size. Each package contains 5 key services, some occur during a point in time assessment, and others occur over the course of the year. coreSecurity is a high impact solution, saving you money by augmenting or removing the need for dedicated IT security staff. By reaching beyond the capabilities of a single employee, coreSecurity is designed to establish, build, and strengthen small and medium-sized businesses IT security programs over time. While there is no silver bullet to IT security, we can help significantly reduce the risk of a compromise and will be ready to respond immediately when an incident happens.

Here are the top 5 security principles that at a minimum, every company, no matter the size should employ:

  1. Develop and assess your security program
  2. Train and test your employees for IT security awareness
  3. Identify and mitigate vulnerabilities
  4. Secure your endpoints
  5. Detect threats and respond accordingly

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will break down each of these security principles and explain their importance, how we can help apply them to your business, and the potential risks you face without them.

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Rigid Bits
Rigid Bits
Rigid Bits is a cybersecurity firm that helps businesses identify and reduce their cybersecurity risks through consulting, professional services, and technology. They work closely with leadership and IT teams to help them test and reinforce the security of their environment while meeting compliance requirements and best practices. Rigid Bits also helps businesses become more prepared to stop cyber-attacks and supports breach investigation efforts with their digital forensics and incident response services.

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