Why Endpoint Health Checks From Computer Forensics Can Save Your Colorado Business

Advanced security breaches continue to occur even though companies have invested heavily in IT security systems. At Rigid Bits, we advocate for companies to prevent themselves first from cyber security through proactive computer forensics.

What is computer forensics?

Computer forensics is the investigation of the creation and use of digital data. This process involves the identification, preservation, recovery, analysis, and presentation of the attributes of digital information.

We encourage companies to be proactive about their security posture. Including proactive forensics strengthens a company’s defense in depth approach. Automated tools support your security, but human analysis cannot be replaced. This is why utilizing computer forensics techniques to detect anomalies can help strengthen your security posture.

Preemptive malware and attacker hunting

Malware is designed to hide and can run undetected for some time. Even the best anti-virus and automated endpoint solutions can miss malicious software. Using human analysis is the best way to detect threats. We can assess your systems periodically to supplement your company’s use of automated detection tools.

Endpoint Health checks

At Rigid Bits, Companies are encouraged to assess the posture and state of their systems through endpoint health checks. A health check ensures machines are not compromised and they are operating as intended. It can help detect misconfigurations that may lead to a security breach in the future

Netflow Reviews

Companies should keep a close eye on the data traversing their network. Automated tools can generate alerts if they are properly tuned, but often breaches go unnoticed despite the use of these automated tools. Netflow reviews can also provide situational awareness about the type of traffic flowing across your network. Our methodology assesses a packet capture from a period of time and provides specific details of your endpoints outbound and inbound network communications.

Security Controls and Software Validation

Proactive computer forensics can supplement your automated security tools. We can help detect previously unidentified malware, breaches, or attacks.

Rigid Bits offers a range of IT security solutions to protect your business against an ever increasing cyber threat landscape. Utilize Proactive Forensics to strengthen your security posture and ensure your controls are operating as intended.

Contact us at 720-593-2487 or send us an email at info@rigidbits.com, and let us help you keep your systems integrity in check.

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Rigid Bits
Rigid Bits is a cybersecurity firm that helps businesses identify and reduce their cybersecurity risks through consulting, professional services, and technology. They work closely with leadership and IT teams to help them test and reinforce the security of their environment while meeting compliance requirements and best practices. Rigid Bits also helps businesses become more prepared to stop cyber-attacks and supports breach investigation efforts with their digital forensics and incident response services.

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