Guidance For Approaching Data Security Regulations

Every day at Rigid Bits, we are working to help businesses understand cybersecurity. As part of those education efforts, we’ve spent some time thinking about how companies required to abide by data security laws can best approach meeting requirements.

Data Security Simplified

We’ve developed a quick, 2-page guide, to understand the approach of compliance. The guide is intended to give business leaders and IT teams an initial direction on how to tackle these new regulations on their own, no matter which regulations apply. We found many people we’d speak with were missing some key steps in their overall process.

To view the guide, you can download it by clicking here.

Important State Data Security Laws

Along with federal and regulatory compliance requirements, stakeholders should consider data security, breach notification, and data retainment laws specific to the state they reside and where their customers may reside. Use these important links to ensure your business is in compliance with state laws.

Additional Resources

In addition to the guide, we’re providing quality content and proof of concept services to see how powerful our offerings can be. Rigid Bits it happy to provide the following content and services upon request:

  • Access additional content on New York’s data security law (23 NYCRR 500) that is driving much of this, including a guide breaking down the requirements and showing how to map them to cybersecurity frameworks
  • Simulate phishing emails and try out other tools to gauge employee awareness
  • Receive an initial report of publicly exposed/compromised credentials tied to your business email accounts
  • Conduct an initial cybersecurity risk review
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