Get HIPAA Compliant – The Soft and Hard Sides of HIPAA

If your company or organization creates, stores, accesses, or shares electronic personal health information (ePHI), you are required to comply with HIPAA regulations. If you assist these companies as a business associate, you are also required to be HIPAA compliant.

The Soft & Hard Sides of HIPAA

HIPAA compliance has two complimenting, yet different sides: The soft and the hard. If we relate HIPAA to a security program, the regulations are what would be considered policies. Policies often require follow up to ensure they are effective. This is the Hard side of HIPAA; the technical follow through to ensure you are meeting regulatory requirements. If your company develops a strong set of policies, yet fails to follow through with procedures, you could be staring at a very hefty fine. It’s important to consider your IT Security Program policies and the implementation of those policies through followed procedures
Companies who are required to become compliant or maintain HIPAA compliance may struggle to meet their technical requirements. Is your doctor prepared to tune Firewall rules to filter and monitor egress network traffic? Has your dentist office’s IT staff considered both a functional and secure network?

Get HIPAA Compliant With Rigid Bits

As a HIPAA Compliant company, Rigid Bits understands the hard and soft sides of the compliance regulations. Our services can help guide your company through the soft side of compliance by developing policies. We also offer a range of services that will ensure the technical aspects of HIPAA compliance are addressed appropriately. Vulnerability assessments can help you assess your risk. Endpoint protection can satisfy your needs for protection against malware. Endpoint monitoring can supplement your protection to ensure endpoint activity is appropriate. Our security awareness training can prepare you and your employees to respond to incidents are required by HIPAA.
Our coreHIPAA can help your company become HIPAA compliant by addressing the challenges of the soft and hard sides of HIPAA compliance. Contact us today for more information on how we can help improve the security of your business and keep it that way!
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Rigid Bits
Rigid Bits is a cybersecurity firm that helps businesses identify and reduce their cybersecurity risks through consulting, professional services, and technology. They work closely with leadership and IT teams to help them test and reinforce the security of their environment while meeting compliance requirements and best practices. Rigid Bits also helps businesses become more prepared to stop cyber-attacks and supports breach investigation efforts with their digital forensics and incident response services.

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