Identify threats and respond accordingly

Wrapping up our series, here is the 5th most critical security principle that every business should consider. Identify threats and respond accordingly

Attacks come in many different forms and it’s important for businesses to be ready to detect and respond appropriately. For this blog post, we’ll focus on detecting threats from endpoints. In the previous post, we discussed the importance of obtaining endpoint protection software. While endpoint protection is critical, it cannot be viewed as a single solution for all problems. Defense in depth is needed to properly secure your organization.

Ask your current anti-virus provider if their software guarantees they will stop 100% of attacks and threats against your endpoint. No product is capable of these metrics, which is why it’s important to supplement endpoint protection with monitoring solutions. Endpoint monitoring sits in line with your existing protection solution to detect threats that may bypass other security controls. It provides additional insight into potentially malicious changes to the file system.

Once monitoring is in place, you’ll need to determine how your organization will react when an event is triggered. It’s important to prepare your staff, executives, and owners to respond and handle IT security related incidents. Your organization needs to plan, practice, and understand their respective responsibilities when an incident occurs.

As part of coreSecurity, we can help your organization keep an eye on the effectiveness of your endpoint protection software and the security of your endpoints. Our tools allow insight into threats that may exist and we can provide assistance in remediating these attacks. We can also help you prepare to respond to incidents should one occur. We’ll help you develop an incident response plan or exercise your current plan to ensure your staff is prepared and knowledgeable on their respective responsibilities.

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