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Unrealized Cybersecurity Risk

Cybersecurity risks can be realized through risk identification exercises, but what about unrealized cybersecurity risk? Start with a Risk Assessment As your company builds a cybersecurity program, a lot of

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Rigid Bits POA&M
Cybersecurity Practices

POA&Ms to Guide Cybersecurity Implementation

As cybersecurity experts, one of the biggest challenges we see our clients struggle with is tracking the growth of their cybersecurity programs. That’s why our security program develop capabilities, including

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Cyber Liability Insurance

The Cyber Liability Perfect Storm

What lessons can we learn about the perfect storm hurricane that shapped the insurance industry in Florida? While not a huge problem at the moment, it may be worth keeping

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Cybersecurity Practices

When the F.U.D. is wrong

Cybersecurity FUD is everywhere and sometimes it helps drive home a point. Other times, it’s just down right wrong. Replace a FUD based approach with a Risk based approach to enhance your cybersecurity.

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The Cybersecurity Starter Pack

The Cybersecurity Starter Pack is here! Rigid Bits is excited to introduce our newest solution: The Cybersecurity Starter Pack. A simplified package of documentation and exercises necessary for establishing and

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