How Penetration Testing Will Help Your Small Business Prepare for Real-World Cyber Attacks

Small business owners know all too well that it’s a brave new world out there, full of potential threats that were virtually nonexistent just a couple of decades ago. Cyber attacks, in which hackers are able to infiltrate a business’s computer network, are becoming commonplace, and cybersecurity has become paramount in small business owners’ minds as they try to protect their companies from being attacked. But how can you be sure that your security measures are strong enough to hold up against internal and external cyber attacks? Penetration testing shows you how your business’s cybersecurity protocols would hold up in the event of a real-life cyber attack.

Penetration testing, sometimes referred to as Pen Test, is a method of testing a web application, network, or computer system to determine its vulnerability to cyber attacks. In a penetration test, reconnaissance work is done to gather information on the targeted systems or application. Pen testers then identify any possible points of entry and attempt to compromise the targeted systems in a safe and controlled manner, fully demonstrating the risk to your business. At the end of the test, you are provided with a detailed report which identifies all the discovered vulnerabilities and recommended remediation steps.

Penetration testing is essential to small businesses. Unlike larger organizations, most small businesses lack advanced monitoring and system protection. Penetration testing can alert small business owners to potential threats and weaknesses so they can take the steps needed to protect their systems and data.

Has your business already been the victim of a cyber attack? Penetration testing can help your company recover from a breach by emulating the incident to find the source of weakness that allowed it to happen in the first place. You can rest assured that your updated cybersecurity procedures will help prevent such an attack from occurring again.

Penetration testing can be done with the full knowledge and cooperation of your organization’s IT department. This transparency allows everyone to be on the same page about what occurred, how it happened, and how it can be prevented in the future. Your IT professionals gain a deeper understanding of the cybersecurity measures employed by your company, which will lead to the development and execution of new processes that help further prevent cyber attacks.

Penetration testing can also be done without the knowledge of the IT department in an attempt to see how far a hacker can get into the system before they are blocked. External testing targets the company’s publicly available servers and firewalls to gain insights into how an outside attack could occur and what preventive measures should be taken to avoid such a breach. Internal testing shows how much information an attacker with internal network access, or a malicious contractor, could obtain. This knowledge can help a small business owner mitigate the damage done by a disgruntled former employee or similar internal cyber attacker.

Because small businesses typically are more vulnerable to cyber attacks than larger businesses due to their size and budget for cybersecurity, penetration testing can be a great benefit to ensure that the existing protocols are enough to keep a company from a devastating attack. Rigid Bits offers a variety of penetration testing services suitable for virtually every type of business. If your small business has already been the victim of a breach of cybersecurity, or if you want to make sure that you are as well-protected as you think you are, now is the time to consider penetration testing with Rigid Bits.

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