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The fourth most critical security principle that every business should employ is the securing of endpoints.

Endpoints are the devices that employees use on a daily basis to conduct their work. Think desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. These devices are critical to protect because they contain sensitive business information, financial data, proprietary information, and potentially sensitive identifiable information. As your company operates the amount of generated data grows exponentially.

The first challenge in protecting endpoints is knowing exactly where your endpoints are and how many you have. An inventory of devices should be kept to ensure all devices are receiving appropriate patches and security fixes for identified vulnerabilities.

Endpoints are often targeted by hackers as they are a path of least resistance and the access they provide can be leveraged in further attacks. We’ve discussed how it’s important to train and test your employees to prepare to respond to IT security events. While their devices may not hold the “keys to the kingdom” of your network, they can be leveraged to pivot and gain elevated access to your network resources. Securing these devices should be a top priority for any business no matter the size.

Anti-virus applications have had a very significant role over the past years in protecting the computers people use daily, however, it is simply no longer enough. Typical anti-virus engines rely on signatures and heuristic based detection. These two techniques for determining if files are malicious are slowly becoming insufficient for stopping malware. Hackers are now using anti-virus avoidance and detection techniques and can simply bypass this level of protection. Additionally, malware variants are created every day. Using  signature detection relies on updates which ensures you will always be one step behind.

Our endpoint protection solution takes the concept of traditional anti-virus and enhances its capabilities through new techniques such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. We can leverage these new techniques to stay a step ahead of attackers and detect their malicious code. There are numerous endpoint protection suites which are all capable of new security measures. It’s important to consider more than just malware and viruses. Organizations can leverage endpoint protection to secure against various threats, such as malicious employees or contractors, data leakage and data loss prevention, application whitelisting, URL whitelisting and many others.

Our coreSecurity package includes endpoint protection suites that replace and enhance your traditional anti-virus software. We work with your company to issue licenses and configure your network to leverage all the new capabilities of endpoint protection suites.

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