Testing Security Awareness

Your organization’s information security program should employ a defense in depth approach to protecting your data. Part of an in-depth approach is ensuring your employees are prepared to respond to security threats when they happen. As industry professionals, we observe time and time again network breaches that begin with an unprepared employee. As your security program strengthens and your employees are trained on IT security matters, it’s important to test their awareness.

Social engineering attacks are on the rise and we see a trend in the industry where attackers will take the path of least resistance. Often times, it’s the employees who are targeted by these attacks. Your organization can spend an infinite number of resources on security software and hardware, consulting services, and assessments, but without proper employee training your security program will never be resolute.

Rigid Bits offers services designed to prepare your employees as well as assess their knowledge.

To prepare, we offer guided educational courses for your employees; from executives to interns. We can help educate your staff on the attacks we have witnessed and information security-related scenarios they may encounter on a daily basis.

To assess, we perform simulated social engineering attacks in the form of pre-text calling, physical security assessments, phishing campaigns, and more. At the outcome of our services, your company will have a real-world understanding of your ability to detect, identify, and respond to social engineering threats.

With over 15 Million records breached since 2016, it isn’t if you will be breached, it is when. Businesses are constantly in the news for suffering a security breach, losing the trust of their clients and customers in the process.

Rigid Bits has years of experience in cybersecurity consulting, having supported and improved the security postures for a wide range of businesses, across all industries. Contact us today to learn how we can help you defend against the ever-evolving threat of a security breach.

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Rigid Bits
Rigid Bits is a cybersecurity firm that helps businesses identify and reduce their cybersecurity risks through consulting, professional services, and technology. They work closely with leadership and IT teams to help them test and reinforce the security of their environment while meeting compliance requirements and best practices. Rigid Bits also helps businesses become more prepared to stop cyber-attacks and supports breach investigation efforts with their digital forensics and incident response services.

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