The Cybersecurity Starter Pack

The Cybersecurity Starter Pack is here! Rigid Bits is excited to introduce our newest solution: The Cybersecurity Starter Pack. A simplified package of documentation and exercises necessary for establishing and maintaining a written information security program.


The pack is perfect for companies ~25 employees who need to document a written information security program.


The pack includes 3 key documents for establishing a written information security program and 3 key exercises for implementing cybersecurity best practices.


Right now! Once purchased, all guiding documents, pre-written documents, and exercises are available to you.


Practice your due diligence and implement cybersecurity best practices. Quickly respond to 3rd party information requests about your cybersecurity program. Protect your customer non-public information and stay in accordance with all 50 state breach notification laws.

How much:

$2,730 one-time fee for all of the initial content with a $20/month subscription. The monthly subscription grants continual access to the Risk Assessment and 3rd Party Security Assessment as well as any Cybersecurity Starter Pack content updates and new documentation as they are published.

What do you get? Documentation

The Cybersecurity Starter Pack includes key documentation for establishing and maintaining a written information security program. Where necessary, documentation has been prewritten to easily adopt and implement.

  • Security Program Plan – Your formal designation of a risk-based approach to cybersecurity (pre-written).
  • Policies and Procedures document – We’ve picked the most risk-reducing controls that fit a small businesses budget and pre-written policies and procedures for you to adopt. Based off the CIS 20 Cybersecurity Controls.
  • Incident Response Plan – This document prepares a company to respond to a cybersecurity attack or incident.

What else…? Exercises

The Cybersecurity Starter Pack includes key exercises for assessing risks and implementing cybersecurity best practices.

  • POA&M – Your plan of action and milestones; used to track your progress of implementing documented best practices.
  • Risk Assessment – An online assessment used to determine risk of your IT environment and systems tied back to likelihood and impact a cyber-attack may have.
  • 3rd Party Security Assessment – An online tool for subscribers to vet potential 3rd party vendors information security practices.

Goals of the Cybersecurity Starter Pack

We built this starter pack to solve a number of observed problems. Here they are:

  • Remove the difficulty and frustration around where to start and what to do about cybersecurity.
  • Simply the process of establishing and maintaining a written information security program.
  • Implement cost effective, high risk reducing cybersecurity controls and best practices in an effort to protect non-public information.
  • Prepare a company to respond to incidents and meet breach notification reporting timelines.
  • Assess true risks, through an easy to follow online risk assessment.
  • Assist in determining the security posture of potential 3rd party vendors.
  • Act as a starting point and guide for meeting compliance requirements.
  • Provide a cost-efficient solution to “do something” about cybersecurity.

Ready to get started?

The Cybersecurity Starter Pack is easily purchased from our website at Add the product to the cart and checkout. Once finished, you’ll have access to download the content and start your cybersecurity journey. For further questions, please reach out to

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