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POA&Ms to Guide Cybersecurity Implementation

As cybersecurity experts, one of the biggest challenges we see our clients struggle with is tracking the growth of their cybersecurity programs. That’s why our security program develop capabilities, including the cybersecurity starter pack, always include a plan of action and milestones (POA&M). A POA&M is living document that is used to track your planned, in progress, and completed implementation of cybersecurity best practices. Often, a POA&M will typically contain a problem statement or identified deficiency, an associated cybersecurity best practice fix, an assigned resources, target completion date, and more. Having these details clearly spelled out and documented is key in helping companies assess their progress and current posture.

Available POA&MS for download

If you’d like to sample what working with a POA&M may look like, we’ve created some free content that you can use to secure your business email or a plan of action for securing working from home. You can download the business email protection and recovery POA&M here. Also, you can download the working from home POA&M here. These POA&MS are specific, but can act as a guide for an overall cybersecurity plan.

Benefits of tracking cybersecurity implementation

Here’s a few quick benefits of using a POA&M to guide and track your cybersecurity progress:

  • Tracks progress of implementing cybersecurity best practices over time
  • Provides a clear roadmap and direction of the cybersecurity program
  • Outlines completed cybersecurity tasks and models the cybersecurity program maturity
  • Keeps staff members on track to complete best practice implementation
  • Enlightens management to progress made for reducing cybersecurity risks
  • Lists problems and solutions to cybersecurity challenges

Learn more about starting or growing your cybersecurity program

It’s important to remember to categorize your risks and planned solutions to reduce your risk. While using the POA&M try to find quick easy wins that will quickly reduce your risk exposures. For more information about building a cybersecurity program, reach out to info@rigidbits for a quick discovery call.

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