coreSecurity: The Top 5 Security Concepts Every Business Should Consider


With the turn of the new year, many people and businesses will reflect on their accomplishments over the past 12 months and develop new goals to progress towards for the coming year. During this time of reflection, it’s important to remember what you have built and how you will move forward to protect the fruits of your labor. As an … Read More

3 Social Engineering Attacks to Look Out For


In today’s world, we are constantly on guard against thieves who continue to find new and inventive ways to infiltrate and gain access to our sensitive data. Small and medium businesses are primary targets for these attacks, as they typically do not require rigorous training to prepare employees to identify and respond to these types of attacks. Businesses spend thousands … Read More

Testing Security Awareness


Your organization’s information security program should employ a defense in depth approach to protecting your data. Part of an in-depth approach is ensuring your employees are prepared to respond to security threats when they happen. As industry professionals, we observe time and time again network breaches that begin with an unprepared employee. As your security program strengthens and your employees … Read More

Responding To A Security Breach


Responding to a Security Breach Does your Small business security program include a management plan that covers security breaches? According to recent studies, many organizations are ill-equipped to deal with a security data breach. In the last 12 months, hackers have breached half of all small businesses in the United States, according to the 2016 State of SMB Cybersecurity Report. Falling … Read More

Why Endpoint Health Checks From Computer Forensics Can Save Your Colorado Business


Advanced security breaches continue to occur even though companies have invested heavily in IT security systems. At Rigid Bits, we advocate for companies to prevent themselves first from cyber security through proactive computer forensics. What is computer forensics? Computer forensics is the investigation of the creation and use of digital data. This process involves the identification, preservation, recovery, analysis, and … Read More

How Penetration Testing Will Help Your Small Business Prepare for Real-World Cyber Attacks


Small business owners know all too well that it’s a brave new world out there, full of potential threats that were virtually nonexistent just a couple of decades ago. Cyber attacks, in which hackers are able to infiltrate a business’s computer network, are becoming commonplace, and cybersecurity has become paramount in small business owners’ minds as they try to protect … Read More

Colorado Division of Securities Cybersecurity Rule


Understanding the new Cybersecurity Rule Broker-dealers and investment advisers in Colorado are now required to comply with new cybersecurity rules to protect the electronic information they collect and maintain.  Effective July 17, 2017, the Colorado Division of Securities adopted the final cybersecurity rules under the Colorado Securities Act.  In addition to requiring written procedures that are “reasonably designed to ensure cybersecurity,” the … Read More

April-2017 News Bits


Cyber Security news for the month of April, 2017. Prisoners built two PCs from parts, hid them in ceiling, connected to the state’s network and did cybershenanigans Five prisoners in the US built two personal computers from parts, hid them behind a plywood board in the ceiling of a closet, and then connected those computers to the Ohio Department … Read More

March-2017 News Bits


Cyber Security news for the month of March, 2017.  Google Discloses Unpatched Flaw in Edge, Internet Explorer Google Project Zero has disclosed a potentially serious vulnerability in Microsoft’s Edge and Internet Explorer web browsers before the tech giant could release patches.The details of the flaw and proof-of-concept code were made public by Google Project Zero researcher Ivan Fratric after … Read More

February-2017 News Bits


Cyber Security news for the month of February, 2017. Attacks on WordPress Sites Intensify as Hackers Deface Over 1.5 Million Pages Attacks on WordPress sites using a vulnerability in the REST API, patched in WordPress version 4.7.2, have intensified over the past few days, as attackers have now defaced over 1.5 million pages, spread across 39,000 unique domains. Initial … Read More