Cybersecurity Misconceptions Abound

Cybersecurity misconceptions are everywhere, have you spotted some? What can you do about cybersecurity misconceptions that keep showing up?

Over the last few months, we’ve been on the road holding and listening to a lot of conversations about cybersecurity. It’s really fascinating because you really can drop each one into a specific category. Some of the ones we’re really happy to hear are from individuals who are asking all the right questions. You can tell something is clicking and they have the right mindset. On the other hand, some overheard conversations have been downright difficult to hear. And that is what we’ll be focusing on over the next few blog posts.

We’re hearing a lot of disinformation and incorrect statements about what cybersecurity is and how you should be protecting yourself. Like the viral statistic claiming 60% of SMBs go out of business within 6 months after a cyber attack. That statement is simply not true and would have devastating consequences on our economy, GDP, and overall financial health as a country. Over the next few weeks and months, we’re hoping to tackle some of the reoccurring topics we feel the need to interpret from our point of view and hopefully provide better guidance about it.

New presentation content coming

We’ll be taking the details of this blog post series and creating presentation content for the 2020 calendar year. Over 2019, we focused on a few presentations, but the one that harbored the most interest was our “30 Day Action Plan”. Unfortunately, we’ll be retiring this presentation soon, but if you’d like to watch one from our NetVu New England chapter meeting, you can watch it here at this link.

Cybersecurity topics we’ll cover

As a tidbit, here are a few of the topics we’ve been talking about, overhearing, and hope to expand upon in the coming time.

New solutions for SMBs

By the way, have you heard about our newest product, the Cybersecurity Starter Pack? It’s perfect for smaller sized companies who need to “do something” about cybersecurity. If you’re receiving information requests to show your cybersecurity practices, this starter pack will get you there. You can read more at Purchase online and receive instant access to the documents as well as the online tools and exercises. Want to ask some questions first? Reach out to for more details.

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