October 2021 – Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Each week this October, Rigid Bits is offering free events designed to help your business overcome cybersecurity and compliance challenges. Learn about ways to reduce cybersecurity risks and build a stronger cybersecurity culture for your business. 

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Weekly Intro and Blog Posts


Rigid Bits Webinars:

Build your cybersecurity awareness in our 4-part educational series. Each session is under 30 minutes.

Cybersecurity 101

October 5th at 1 PM ET

Learn about Risk-Based Cybersecurity and how this approach helps businesses identify the most impactful and cost-effective ways to address their cybersecurity risks.

Working Remotely

October 12th at 1 PM ET

Break down cybersecurity risks involved with working outside of the office and ways to address them.

Tackling Compliance

October 19th at 1 PM ET

 Data security and breach notification requirements can come from laws, cyber liability insurance, and 3rd parties. We share what to watch for and how to prepare.

Your Action Plan

October 26th at 1 PM ET

Here’s your to-do list to put it all together and some high-impact areas to start with.


Special Guest Webinars

Each week, we will feature an interview with special guests to hear their perspectives on cybersecurity challenges facing businesses today. Bring your own questions for the open Q&A. 

Attendees of each event will be entered into a random drawing giveaway, varies by session, see registration link for details

HIPAA: End of Year Activities and How to take advantage of Safe Harbor going into 2022

October 7th at 1 PM ET

Guest: Paul Redding, VP of Partner Engagement and Cybersecurity at Compliancy Group
Giveaway: $150 Amazon Gift Card, courtesy of Compliancy Group

Email Security: A Look Inside Phishing Attack Trends

October 14th at 1 PM ET

Guest: Matt Petrosky, VP of Product Management at GreatHorn Email Security
Giveaway: Free Email Threat Assessment 

Cyber Crime: Interview with FBI Cybersecurity and Counterintelligence

October 21st at 1 PM ET

Guest: SSA Kevin M. Varpness, Supervisory Special Agent for the FBI’s Cyber and Counterintelligence Squad in Nashville, TN
Giveaway: 1 Free External Vulnerability Scan (up to 10 Ext IPs)

ID Theft: How Breaches Can Come Back to Haunt the Individuals in Our Databases

October 28th at 1 PM ET

Guest: Brian Thompson, Co-Founder and CEO at defend-id
Giveaway: 1-year coverage with defend-id’s platinum program


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Free Resources

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Cybersecurity Handbook: Your guide toward cyber resilience

Learn the basics of cybersecurity through this comprehensive guide.

Choosing a Cybersecurity Vendor: Guide and Checklist

Learn about the key factors that will help you identify the right vendor for your specific needs.

Ciphertext Puzzle and Giveaways

In addition to the giveaways during Special Guest Webinars, everyone is welcome to try to solve our Ciphertext Puzzle for their chance at more prizes.

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