Cybersecurity Awareness Month
October 2022

Each week this October, Rigid Bits is offering free events designed to help your business overcome cybersecurity and compliance challenges. Learn about ways to reduce cybersecurity risks and build a stronger cybersecurity culture for your business. 

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Educational Webinars

Build your cybersecurity awareness in our 4-part educational series. Each session is under 30 minutes.

Breach Breakdown: A Case Study of a Real-World Attack

October 4th at 1 PM ET
Rigid Bits will take you behind the scenes of breach investigations to help businesses be more prepared for whatever may come their way. Hear about common breaches and how they unfold, gain tips and best practices that can help improve your response efforts, and learn from the mistakes of others.

IT vs Cybersecurity

October 11th at 1 PM ET
IT and Cybersecurity often get lumped together, but as much as they have overlaps – there are some major differences in each practice. Join us to learn what exactly those differences are, and how to use that to create checks and balances for your business.

Personal Cybersecurity

October 18th at 1 PM ET

Learn how to take a risk-based approach to protecting your identity in your everyday use of technology and when you interact with your own sensitive data. Helping your staff build good ‘personal cybersecurity’ habits will go a long way in creating a stronger cybersecurity culture for your business.


Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity

October 25th at 1 PM ET

For many offices, getting everyone on board with cybersecurity initiatives is often harder than the implementing the security practices. It all comes down to culture. We’ll identify some of the common challenges we see and thoughts on how to overcome them.

Special Guest Webinars

Each week, we will feature an interview with special guests to hear their perspectives on cybersecurity challenges facing businesses today. Bring your own questions for the open Q&A. 

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Ransomware Recovery: Challenges and What to Expect

October 6th at 1 PM ET

Guest: Elisha Riedlinger, Chief Operating Officer at NeuShield
Giveaway: One Free Family Pass for NeuShield

Learn about the challenges that can follow an already complicated Ransomware attack and what to expect. Elisha Riedlinger from NeuShield shares his expertise and perspective after years of work in cybersecurity related fields. He will also share some of the innovative ways NeuShield is making Ransomware easier to recover from.

HIPAA with 3rd Parties: Your Responsibilities

October 13th at 1 PM ET

Guest: Joseph Macedo, MSP Channel Manager at Compliancy Group
Giveaway: $150 Amazon Gift Card

HIPAA is confusing enough as is, but then add in the complications of 3rd Party risks. Anyone that could potentially see any Protected Health Information (PHI) also falls under the obligations of HIPAA. Learn what you are responsible for, and what this additional risk could mean for your business and how this impacts your journey toward HIPAA compliance.  

Passwords: A Necessary Evil?

October 20th at 1 PM ET

Guest: Bert Robertson, CEO & Co-founder at Ethopass, LLC
Giveaway: One Free External Network Vulnerability Scan

Passwords – pretty much everyone hates them! But, are they causing us more trouble than good? Bert Robertson from Ethopass will share his insights and some of the challenges that come up with how we use passwords today. He’ll also talk about some of the ways that Ethopass is on a mission to get rid of passwords altogether!  

Email Security Capabilities in Microsoft 365: What to Use, Gaps to Know, and How to Mitigate Risk

October 27th at 1 PM ET

Guest: Matt Petrosky, VP of Product Management at GreatHorn Email Security
Giveaway: 6-month Limited Free Trial of GreatHorn

More and more tools are available to Microsoft 365 email users, but they need to be configured correctly. Even then, they may still leave gaps in your defenses. Hear from Matt Petrosky at GreatHorn Email Security about what configurations to be aware of that you already have access to today, as well as the cybersecurity risks you still need to be prepared for – and how to address those gaps.  

Free Resources

Follow us through the October 2022 All-Access Pass to get our featured list of free resources:

Cybersecurity Handbook: Your guide toward cyber resilience

Learn the basics of cybersecurity through this comprehensive guide.

Choosing a Cybersecurity Vendor: Guide and Checklist

Learn about the key factors that will help you identify the right vendor for your specific needs.

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