Resilience: Enduring the Cyber Attack

Resilience is Key to Continuity Operations

At Rigid Bits, we are constantly working to stay ahead of cybersecurity trends. Recently, we’ve been breaking down information for how our clients can approach understanding data security laws and how to meet their requirements. These activities have forced us to take a closer look at cybersecurity frameworks. Within the NIST cybersecurity framework, an entire section is dedicated to cyber resilience. This section outlines the ability of a company to continue normal business operations while experiencing and adverse cybersecurity event.

Resilience is a conglomeration of cybersecurity efforts

At Rigid Bits, we see cyber resilience as a partnership between disaster recovery, incident response, business continuity, and recovery efforts. Usually, a cybersecurity program will call for the development of these individual documents. What cyber resilience does, is marry these concepts and brings them full circle.

Consider Resilience Capabilities During the Risk Assessment

Taking it even further, we also suggest considering cyber resilience during the risk assessment process. If a company is not prepared to continue operations during an attack, then this will directly increase the risks to the business. Here’s a short list of questions to consider when thinking about your cyber resilience.

  • Have we practiced and prepared to respond to an incident?
  • Do our systems and applications have fail-safe configurations?
  • Can we recover our data if the integrity is compromised?
  • Do we have a disaster recovery plan, business continuity plan, IR plan?
  • Do we have the ability to detect cybersecurity events in their early stages?
  • If critical systems are unavailable, do we have backup systems and/or applications?

Of course, many more considerations should be made when determining cyber resilience. However, it’s important to begin considering when addressing cybersecurity controls.

Working with Rigid Bits Ensures Resilience

To truly assess your cyber resilience, we recommend starting with a Risk Assessment. Knowing where you stand as a business will guide your future efforts to reducing your risk exposure. Our capabilities can assist in managing compliance efforts, developing a cybersecurity program, and testing the effectiveness of cybersecurity controls. Contact Us for more information.

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