Cyber 101 Webinar

Today’s IT and network capabilities have enabled the strategies that have kept many companies afloat during the pandemic. At the same time, cyber-attacks have increased and new data security laws continue to be implemented, adding new challenges for agencies.
Additionally, with the amount of misinformation and confusion around cybersecurity, agencies are making the same common mistakes and misconceptions that plague businesses in all industries.

Agencies need to consider blending new cybersecurity investments with enhanced cyber knowledge to reduce their risks, optimize their budget for preventative measures, conserve resources by prioritizing efforts, and to make progress toward compliance requirements.

Dustin Mooney, a cybersecurity professional who specializes in computer forensics, will break down the concept of cybersecurity risk into easily understandable concepts. Attendees can use this information to begin thinking about the cybersecurity posture and start uncovering their risks immediately.

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Included in the discussion will be:

  • Cybersecurity 101 discussion – everything you need to know at a high level to start effectively reducing risks.

  • Common misconceptions and mistakes to watch for in your agency and with insureds.

  • Incident Response Planning and Breach Notification Requirements.

  • New data security laws and 3rd party requests that are driving your requirements