Cybersecurity Presentations: Educating The Insurance Industry

It’s that time of year again, presentation season. With our usual conference schedule interrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic, Rigid Bits shifted to participating in virtual conferences. Along with these conferences, we’ve been making the rounds and presenting topics on cybersecurity, including working from home and cybersecurity misconceptions and reality. Over the last few months, we’ve hit the following circuit..

We’re Working to Educate the Insurance Industry

Rigid Bits specializes in helping companies in the Insurance Industry meet NAIC compliance requirements, reduce risk exposure, and educating companies on cybersecurity best practices. We’ve presented at the following events this year.

  • Moody Insurance Academy – Cybersecurity (Un)Awareness Training
  • Agents Council for Technology (ACT) meeting – Cybersecurity From Home
  • Agency Nation Elevate – Cyber Hydra panel discussion
  • NetVu Accelerate – Cybersecurity Misconceptions and reality
  • AVYST – Cybersecurity with AVYST members
  • AIMS Society – Cybersecurity for Agents and Producers

Upcoming Education Opportunities

It’s been busy, but we’re not done yet. We’re continuing to educate attendees and audience members on the specifics of cybersecurity. Up next:

If you get a chance to attend one of our presentations, you’ll quickly see some repeating themes. Not because we’re run out of things to discuss, because there are some really important topics that we hope sink in. Mainly, making risk-based decisions, avoiding a false sense of security, and how to implement cybersecurity best practices.

Begin Your Cybersecurity Program

If you’d like to start getting on top of our cybersecurity, we encourage a relaxed discovery call with our sales team. Because we take an approach of education, you’ll never hear fear, uncertainty, or doubt as a driving force. Instead, we’ll help uncover some obvious risks and identify services that will dig deeper and allow us to unfold your current cybersecurity posture. From there, we can draw up a plan that fits your goals and budget.

About The Author
Dustin Mooney

Dustin Mooney

Dustin Mooney is a co-founder and principal consultant at Rigid Bits. Dustin has been in Cybersecurity for 10+ years and has worn many cyber-hats from IT auditor, cyber threat intelligence analysts, incident responder, and forensic analysts. His blog posts are founded in the understanding and evolution of the cybersecurity industry and lessons learned while working with clients to solve their cyber challenges.

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