Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Prepare for and respond to a security breach

Rigid Bits provides computer forensics services for collecting, retaining, and analyzing digital evidence. Our independent third-party analysis can help you understand the when, why, where, and how of a security incident. Our capabilities include analysis of all types of digital media: hard disks, flash drives, cellular phones, and any other device capable of holding electronic information.

Picking the right forensic investigator can be crucial to the security of your business. When investigating a cyber breach, you need a consultant with both forensic capabilities and a deep understanding of cybersecurity. Our analysts are certified in computer forensics and have experience with numerous platforms to analyze your evidence.

We are cybersecurity experts by trade. When we perform an investigation, we map our findings to your cybersecurity program and help you understand how to better protect your company. Our analysis will help your company prevent future breaches. More than just cybersecurity, our forensic service ensures business security.

Reactive services help you determine the cause of an incident:

  • Breach response
  • Malware investigations
  • PII and PHI leakage identification and support
  • Employee misconduct and HR related support
  • Litigation support and expert witness testimony

Proactive services help your business prepare for an incident:

  • Incident response plan development
  • Incident response table top exercises
  • Endpoint breach detection and monitoring

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