Cybersecurity Program Development

Rigid Bits provides multiple opportunities for businesses to simplify the challenge of building and implementing a cybersecurity program. As clients, stakeholders, third-parties, and various regulations are driving the need to demonstrate how relationships and data will be protected, it’s never been more critical to put a well-documented and effective cybersecurity program in place.

No matter your size, requirements, or starting point, Rigid Bits gives you the edge you need to:

  • Understand, identify, and reduce risks 
  • Become more prepared for and resilient to cyber-attacks 
  • Build and implement cybersecurity policies and procedures 

Why is a cybersecurity program needed?
A cybersecurity program is how you document and demonstrate your approach to securing your business. The development may be guided through specific requirements based on State or Federal Laws, industry-based standards, or best practices. Generally, most programs will include:

  • Thorough risk assessments that help you understand and prioritize risks
  • A plan of action to follow that can help identify, contain, and respond to incidents
  • Documented policies and procedures that show your due diligence and due care in addressing risks (also sometimes described as a Written Information Security Plan, WISP, ISP, etc.)

How can Rigid Bits help?
There are two paths that can provide businesses with the information, resources, and tools to build and implement a cyber program. 

For businesses that have basic requirements and are wanting to quickly implement a basic cyber program, the Cybersecurity Starter Pack includes pre-written documents, online tools, and the foundation for a growing cybersecurity program. 

Cybersecurity Starter Pack

The cybersecurity starter pack is the perfect solution for small and medium sized business who need to start a cybersecurity program in an effort to protect non-public information and company assets.

Take the headache out of cybersecurity by leveraging prebuilt content, guidance, and tools that were developed by cybersecurity experts with the needs of small businesses in mind. With a risk-based approach to protecting non-public information, you can respond positively to risk questionnaires and be more prepared for future data security requirements.

The Cybersecurity Starter Pack empowers you to:

  • Meet 3rd party requests
  • Reduce Risk Exposure
  • Leverage free and open-source tools
  • Follow guidance from cybersecurity experts
  • Protect non-public information

Rigid Bits provides you with all the document templates, tools, and information you will need to adopt and implement your cyber program. Our pre-written documents are customizable, flexible, and expandable where necessary. By focusing on cybersecurity best practices, cybersecurity frameworks, and impactful actions you can take to protect your business, you will have the necessary resources to implement an effective program that meets basic data security requirements.

The Cybersecurity Starter Pack includes:

Security Program Plan
Discusses topics that include the most efficient risk reducing cybersecurity controls found in the 20 CIS Controls Framework, incident response plan, cyber liability insurance, and protection practices for non-public information and sensitive data. 

Policies and Procedures
Specific policies and procedures were chosen by selecting high impact yet low-cost controls to implement from the 20 CIS Controls Framework. All selected controls have an associated prewritten policy, procedure, and, where applicable, a recommended free solution that can be used to satisfy the requirements of the procedure. The selected policies and procedures protect non-public information, protect internal and external IT assets, and help demonstrate due diligence and the follow through of due care.

Incident Response Plan
The Incident Response Plan was developed by our forensics and incident response consultants and comes ready to adopt.  Easily identify the key individuals that will be engaged when an incident happens and identify any State, Federal, or other breach notification requirements that may apply.

Online Risk Assessment Tool
A web-based application that takes input about your company’s key IT systems, current security posture, and protections in place to calculate risk. The results can easily be integrated into the Security Program Plan document.

Online Vendor Security Assessment Questionnaire
An online questionnaire to provide to vendors that pose a risk to your business.  Ask your potential vendors to complete the questionnaire and share results with your business. Use these answers to determine if you will accept the risks associated with working with the vendor. 

Plan of Action and Milestones 
A list of controls, software, processes, and other action items your company will implement to reduce your overall risk exposure. Track your progress and add additional items to the list as your security program matures or additional compliance requirements are met.

Cybersecurity Program Development
Building an effective cybersecurity program has three main phases: Risk Assessment, IR Plan Development, and Policies and Procedures Development.

Working with Rigid Bits will allow access to our proprietary Risk Assessment methodology based off NIST Risk Assessment Framework, industry standards, and internal assessment methodologies. Once complete, you’ll have a better understanding of your cybersecurity risks and a priority list for which risks address first. 

Additionally, we’ll work with your IT staff or representatives to build a solid Incident Response (IR) Plan. The plan will outline specific breach reporting requirements, roles and responsibilities, incident response checklist activities, and much more. You’ll be prepared to respond to incidents and recovery times will be quicker and more efficient.

Our Policy and Procedure development service will help guide the continual development and centralization of a cybersecurity program.  Using the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Controls (or another mutually agreed upon cybersecurity framework) as a baseline, Rigid Bits will provide support through the development and review of your policies and procedures. We utilize an online portal to support the work of developing, tracking, and organizing the documentation and necessary evidence to show the implementation of each policy.  When data security requirements must be met, the portal will provide a centralized location to simplify compliance and reporting efforts.

The portal is perfect for businesses who need to document policies and procedures for compliance reasons, due diligence, or are attempting to respond to 3rd party information requests. Having this information centrally managed is one major piece in documenting a written information security program. Use the portal to generate a report of all your written policies or procedures, or select relevant ones to share with management, 3rd party vendors, or internally with key stakeholders.

Because the portal is robust, this tool is best for businesses with a healthy IT staff and individuals familiar with the daily IT processes.  The tool features:

  • Status reminders
  • Document collection
  • Guidance support for policies and procedures
  • Requirement and framework mapping
  • Ongoing compliance
  • Centralization and reporting

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