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Cybersecurity Practices

When the F.U.D. is wrong…

Cybersecurity FUD is everywhere and sometimes it helps drive home a point. Other times, it’s just down right wrong. Replace a FUD based approach with a Risk based approach to enhance your cybersecurity.

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The Cybersecurity Starter Pack

The Cybersecurity Starter Pack is here! Rigid Bits is excited to introduce our newest solution: The Cybersecurity Starter Pack. A simplified package of documentation and exercises necessary for establishing and

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Cybersecurity Legislation

Resilience: Enduring the Cyber Attack

Resilience is Key to Continuity Operations At Rigid Bits, we are constantly working to stay ahead of cybersecurity trends. Recently, we’ve been breaking down information for how our clients can

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NAIC Cybersecurity Legislation

Insurance industry regulators (NAIC) push cybersecurity requirements Cybersecurity and insurance providers share one very similar and discerning viewpoint. Our business decisions and services we provide to customers are always based

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